Was It Fair? Lyrics by Lauren Norstrom

When I was 18,

I met a man who proved to me that I could make my little dream 

Cause he’d been living that reality 

Showed me a world that whispers 

Stopped my sleep to be a thinker 

Made my face hurt like laughings somethings bitter 

I grew that dream before I lost the dream 


At 19,

I danced the night and pain away

Blisters featured on my night out shoe game 

So much love for the dopamine 

But nothing compares to those calls till morning 

That’s the same smile that made my face hurt 


I’d sit there, strip bare, look back, reflections deeply figuring out 

I'd pick my skin then breath out 

I'd see the world and say that’s not fair 

You live life like you don’t care 

My nightmare 

My face still hurts.


So tell me, is it fair that you get to live out there? 

Live out that dream that we shared?

Do you think that its nice to see yourself be forgotten? 

Now Tell me is that fair? 

Tell me was it easy to erase a face?

The face that you erased made yours a permanent place in her heart.

Now tell me, is that fair? 


You know, 

One day I might wake up and call you out on twitter .

Show you how not bitter I am after all these years of withering away.

I’ll you how well I’ve aged.

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