Messed Up Lyrics by Lauren Norstrom 

Hey, I’m here 

And I’ve been reaching out 

I’ve been searching 

Trying, seeking 

Tryna’ figure out 

I wore you all away 

And I can’t wear me now 

The skin I own is grey 

And now I’m ugly 

And hey, 


Love vs. Lust Lyrics by Lauren Norstrom

Oh i’m loving your tease. 

Tricky matter tryna’ get me some . 

You’ve made the point to come and please, 

put the work in and make it done. 


But we tip toe 

No one else can know 

It’s not acceptable…

Was It Fair? Lyrics by Lauren Norstrom

When I was 18,

I met a man who proved to me that I could make my little dream 

Cause he’d been living that reality 

Showed me a world that whispers 

Stopped my sleep to be a thinker 

Made my…

Drip Dry Lyrics by Lauren Norstrom

This is your golden moment to shine 


Baby baby please 

You’re caught up in your dreaming 

You are all faded in control     

You’re jumping in and out of soul 

This is what you're dreaming for 

Escaping's got you sleeping…

Send Me Your Kisses Lyrics by Lauren Norstrom

I’ve been alone in this bedroom for days 

Reading my online praises 

Live in old conversations 

You said those words 

And they filled out my waist 

Lost the taste for my mind 

My mentals all on the table 


So, this…