Drip Dry Lyrics by Lauren Norstrom

This is your golden moment to shine 


Baby baby please 

You’re caught up in your dreaming 

You are all faded in control     

You’re jumping in and out of soul 

This is what you're dreaming for 

Escaping's got you sleeping more 


I got you 

Swipped and dipped, 

I got you down. 

Flipped and whipped, 

I’m shoutin now. 

Boy you know you’re getting old. 

Now this a fight worth living for. 



You’re the dude who drips then dries 

Feels healed when you get high 

Might not like the feeling when I flip your switch and start the motion 


You'll know its healing when 

I get you off this bend 

It’s a new born feeling when 

I flip the switch the motion and start the motion 


Switched the tip I got you locked in 

It’s the tip, you know you got me 

Falling fa ya falselys got me 

Out of joy for ya (joy for ya) 

Do you know a clown who paints his face plain? 

Thats the kinda guy who plays the blame game? 

You the kinda man that makes my face change. 

Yeah, you the kinda man that makes my face change

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