Send Me Your Kisses Lyrics by Lauren Norstrom

I’ve been alone in this bedroom for days 

Reading my online praises 

Live in old conversations 

You said those words 

And they filled out my waist 

Lost the taste for my mind 

My mentals all on the table 


So, this here’s my phone number 

Did you get it? Digit number 

Text me if you wanna 

I’ll be a discreet online lover like 

Like boom 

Let me send this your way 

This here’s a song 

For what I wanted to say. 


Send me your kisses 

Right now 

I’m on the phone 

Your bored alone 

So send me those kisses right now 


I’ve been sleeping here for days but feels like hours 

They say I’m drippin through a drought but I feel Down 

Singing all these covers for nothing 

I don’t even know if you be watching 

Not a single comment in the comments 

I don’t even know why I’m bothering.


Now I’m in the bath cold 

Better fill it 

Its just me and not water 

Thats so chilly 

But you couldn’t catch a cold if you could feel it 

Cause these feelings cook hotter than a skillet 

Thats right sir, thats my feelings.